The geneaworld has many supportive and generous genies at its core. One of these is my Genimate, Alona Tester, of the Lonetester HQ Blog.

Earlier this evening I had a message from Alona asking me about this site, Alona told me she was writing a post about the site that would appear later in the evening. A little while later I had a message from WordPress telling me that the statistics for 6feetunderdownunder had spiked. I knew then that Alona must have shared her post online, I hopped over to Alona’s site to find her latest post “Introducing Six Feet Under Downunder” in which she told the story of this site.

Since yesterday when I bemoaned my lack of visitors my little site has had a healthy number of Dropins, a few Likes and some Comments no doubt due to Alona’s post. Thanks Alona for the shoutout and support.

Just for Alona, who is fond of cats, I’m posting this photo I took in Broken Hill Cemetery, NSW in 2012..2.