Another Column

Since this site has been promoted I’ve had a few emails from fellow genies and tapophiles. I have been overwhelmed by the information and advice I have received.

One of the benefits of sharing my list is that you, the researcher, can sort any of the columns in my list (I will populate these these as time and energy permits). So if your ancestor was Catholic you could sort the columns to find Catholic cemeteries, sorting by date would also give you an indication of the dates in which a cemetery was in or commenced operation a cemetery that closed in 1876., it’s no use looking for someone who died in 1976 in a cemetery that closed in 1876.

I realised that sometimes one might look for an ancestor’s resting place in the town or suburb in which they lived but, in reality, our ancestors are often buried several miles away but usually in the same area.

So I had a brainwave! I would add a column for postcode to the spreadsheets so that if you can’t find an ancestor’s grave in a cemetery in his home town you can sort the list to find cemeteries in closeby postcodes.



The geneaworld has many supportive and generous genies at its core. One of these is my Genimate, Alona Tester, of the Lonetester HQ Blog.

Earlier this evening I had a message from Alona asking me about this site, Alona told me she was writing a post about the site that would appear later in the evening. A little while later I had a message from WordPress telling me that the statistics for 6feetunderdownunder had spiked. I knew then that Alona must have shared her post online, I hopped over to Alona’s site to find her latest post “Introducing Six Feet Under Downunder” in which she told the story of this site.

Since yesterday when I bemoaned my lack of visitors my little site has had a healthy number of Dropins, a few Likes and some Comments no doubt due to Alona’s post. Thanks Alona for the shoutout and support.

Just for Alona, who is fond of cats, I’m posting this photo I took in Broken Hill Cemetery, NSW in 2012..2.


Silly Me

I set this site up in February and then took off to a genealogy conference, Rootstech,  in the United States. I came home for a couple of weeks and then took a cruise around China, South Korea and Japan.

Now that I am home for a few more weeks I thought I would see how the site stats were going. I was flabbergasted, there were absolutely no visitors, not one person had accidentally stumbled on my site!!

I fired up a different browser from the one in which I usually work and pasted in the URL to find that this site was Private and I could not access!private

The site settings have now been changed so that YOU can now access my site.

I need your help

While preparing for my Six Feet Under Downunder webinar over the past few days I realised that there is no one site that lists all the wonderful resources in Australia that index the names of the deceased resting in cemeteries and crematoria around Australia. It would have helped me no end in my preparation if there was a meta site that links to such resources.

Of course I decided to create such a site. I must be mad but I hope that the many generous genies around Australia who know of such indexes of  memorials, headstones and burial sites will share them with me so they can be loaded on the site. I will initially only link to free sites that are available online, sites that one can visit via the internet.